Hello and welcome to The Lost Star Chronicles. We are a newly formed non-profit organisation that focuses on running a Live Action Role Play community. The primary goal of the group is to have fun by bringing our favourite characters to life and to make friends. The entire group is focused on producing Live Action Role Play events, fantastical stories; and production of event props, costume and LARP weapons. The events that we produce range from High Fantasy to Colonial Marines sci-fi style events. 

For further info, message the group or email: queries@loststarchronicles.co.uk 

We also have a Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheLostStarChronicles/

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events!

A quick review for people looking for LARP in Hampshire. The Lost Star Chronicles. I had never LARP’ed before and am really glad that my first experience was with this group. Really encouraging and friendly bunch with a stash of excellent kit and a great character creation system, not to mention a very interesting and unique feeling plot / world lore. They have their sights set on some excellent progression in the near future too. I had a great experience and it’s given me a taste of all the many factors involved in LARP. I recommend them to anyone looking to join a group in the area or to try out larp in the company of enthusiastic and friendly people!
I was new to The Lost Star Chronicles once it was established, and within two sessions my ideas were so welcome that I was made a Ref so I could write plot of my own. Lost Star means a lot to me and I’ve made friendships that I hope will last forever.
Richard Hickman
The Lost Star Chronicles was the second LARP system I ever went to, and was only my third time LARPing overall. Compared to many others I was a relatively new LARPer and at first I felt really nervous being in a completely new system with people I hadn’t met before since moving to Southampton. This group was an incredibly welcoming set of LARPers and soon enough I felt I fit in with them. It was a small scale system but provided a world that was immersive and fun and the smaller size of the game provided a more focused story where it felt that your actions had much more effect within the world. The rule book was easy to understand with interesting lore and finally they were generous to loan kit I lacked. I would definitely go again and plan to go regularly.
Jed Stuart