After the Session

Experience rewards are given in the form of coloured Glass Beads that are completely transferable between characters (yours or not). They are tradeable and can even be stolen IC, though if you decide to, be careful for no one would take that lightly.

The amount given per event can be broken down thusly:

  • 1 is given for turning up to each session,
  • 1 for playing your character with own kit,
  • 1 is given for any backgrounds that come up during the session,
  • 1 is given for any guild jobs completed,
  • 1 for staying in character,

1 is also given to crew members that crew a session.

Make sure that at the end of every session you pick up your XP beads from the REF team.

To spend XP return the glass beads to the ref team and inform them of what you are buying.



Between events characters have the option to achieve, create or build things or just simply sleep for a couple of weeks. To declare a downtime action talk to one of the ref team after an event or send a message via email to

  1. Characters can use their skills to craft items such as swords and armour.
  2. Characters can make inquiries into cases and learn new skills.
  3. Characters can acquire new jobs from their respective guilds and receive payments for completed ones.
  4. Gather resources and workers to upgrade homesteads
  5. Or just simply sleep for weeks, which is the default action if nothing else is declared.

Skill Levelling and New Skills

To level a basic skill is easy you simply use your downtime IC to practice and then spend the relevant XP to buy it.

Learning a new basic skill works the same way,  just use IC downtime to practice then spend the XP.

To level an advanced skill requires more:

  1. You will need to find a teacher, this can be a player or an NPC.
  2. You will need to negotiate a price if it’s a player, if it’s an NPC there is a set price of 15 GC x Level wanted. Another way is to request from an NPC is as a quest reward, in certain circumstances this can be granted.

Learning a new Advanced skill works the same way as basic skill levelling.