Basic Combat Calls:

Crush – Crush armour reducing it to 0 or reduce a location if not armoured to 0. 

Disarm – If you are hit with this call you must drop one of your weapons in your hand. If a particular hand is hit, drop the weapon in said hand.

Knock Down – Target is knocked to the floor for 5 seconds.(chest/back must touch the floor if unable then one hand must touch the ground for 10 sec’s) The target can still move and fight as long as they are on the ground in this manner.

Mass – Mass is a conjoined call used with calls such as fear, flaming, blind, and knockdown. The character using mass must throw a LARP safe object into the field and the point of impact is where the mass takes effect. Unless otherwise stated the range of the mass is 3 paces (10ft). So everything within the radius of a fireball impact would take a flaming knockdown hit and would be required to stop drop and roll or take another flaming hit.

Shattering – Destroys weapon or shield.

Subdue – Target is knocked unconscious if the amount of hits they have left is reduced to 0 using subdue. They need to be roused (or they wake up by themselves after 10 minutes if not brought round by another player).

Sunder – (for Monsters and War Machines) works as crush and shatter except that it will break master crafted items.

Through – This goes through armour, you don’t get the extra hits for it, however the armour point is kept for other attacks.


Magic/Alchemical and Other Calls:

Crit – Target is down, unconscious and bleeding out. (Ignores armour and toughness)

Enchanted – Affects creatures only effected by magical attacks.

Flaming – Target is hit with fire and is alight for 5 second ‘stop drop and roll’ if you have any flammable materials they are also on fire (you may explode).

Fear – The target is confronted with its deepest fear and runs away from it for 10 seconds.

Hysteria – The target laughs uncontrollably or is catatonic for 10 seconds.

Frost – Target is hit with a block of ice and is frozen for 5 seconds.

Necrotic – A necrotic hit stops the wound from healing naturally unless the character has regeneration (seek alchemist or spell caster).

Paralysis – Target is paralysed and cannot move anything for 30 seconds.

Poison – pick from the poison bag to determine poison effects. If in doubt ask the ref.

Radiant – You may do extra damage to undead and evil creatures as your weapon glows with celestial radiance.

Scourge – Target is hit with their weakness(s) and cannot regenerate or heal naturally.

Sleep – Target is put to sleep and need to be woken.

Writhe/Choke – Target falls to the ground and writhe in pain or choking for 10 seconds.

Blast – Through magic or bombs, characters that are hit receive 1 point of damage to all locations.

(Effects from the basic list can also invoked by alchemical or magical means).


OOC Calls (Out of Character):

Man Down – Under no circumstances is this to be used IC please use shouts such as (medic healer etc.) this is only used if you as a player are actually hurt.

Time in/out – Game has begun or has temporarily stopped.

Public – Public is coming so look non-threatening. Wait on one side of the path.