Character Creation

To Start:

To create a character, download the character sheet here.

There are 2 types of skill, Basic and Advanced. Basic costs 5 Character Points (CP) to purchase and Advanced skills cost 10 Character points.
A player has 20 Character points to spend on skills.

They may also choose up to 2 background flaws, which adds 5 extra CP each to character creation and allows characters to be fleshed out a little more, also giving the character challenges they will need to overcome in game. Every time a background comes up the character will receive an additional character point for the day.
To buy multiple of the same skill (not all skills can be purchased more than once) the cost is 5 more than previous cost.


A character starts with 21 silver pieces, which are used to purchase what a character starts with. The player can choose to swap out 5 character points for 5 pieces of silver, this also goes the other way as the player can swap 5 silver pieces for 5 character points. The item prices after character generation will change.

Background Flaws:

Acolyte Vows – You are seeking position in a religious order and must abide by complex and possibly severe disciplines.

Addict – You have an addiction to a substance of your choice but if not appeased you will kill anyone for it.

Amnesia – You cannot remember who you are or how you got here.

Assassin – A political rival hired an assassin to kill you.

Bitter Betrothal – Your marriage has been arranged by family. You may not even know or have met the person and it is not wanted. You are expected to follow through when the time comes.

Blood-sworn – You have sworn a blood oath to do something. You will succeed or die trying.

Code of Honour – Pick five rules of honour from your order or faith that you cannot break. If you do, your deity or leader will be displeased and may act, however if you follow them they may gift you with something

Colonial / Slave – You were raised in an island colony, and are regarded as unrefined and ignorant by mainlanders.

Contentious Theory – You discovered something and brought it public. Either the public and or the academia were not ready for this and have scorned or worse. Your idea may or may not be correct.

Crisis of Faith – You used to be religious but now doubt your beliefs. Do you abandon them or return?

Cursed – You may or may not know the curse, and may or may not accept its inevitability; But something bad happens.

Dead to the World – You faked your death and are forbidden to let your loved ones and friends know.

Debt – You owe money to one of the trading houses or guilds. The more time taken to pay it back, the more money owed and the more intently they want to collect from you. Players start with 10 extra silver pieces at character generation.

Defeated – You were defeated and live with that shame. You force yourself into situations like it hoping to live up to what you should have done.

Dispossessed – Someone has taken away your home and lands and you want them back.

Exiled – You are forbidden to return home. If you go, you could be executed.

Fascination – You led a sheltered existence as a youth, and when you met strangers you became fascinated by something about them (such as perfume or an accent).

Fear – You are terrified of something.

Heirloom Relic – You have a holy relic and are charged with protecting it.

Hunted – Someone wants you.

Infamous Teacher – You learned your skill by studying under an infamous teacher. That teacher’s reputation and enemies make your life difficult.

Invention/magic use without college authorisation – You invented something. You think it would improve life for people so you want to publicize it, but it may get you imprisoned

Loan – You have made a loan to someone who disappeared with the money. You want it back.

Lost Love – Your love left you for a hated enemy, who now wants to ruin you.

Lost Relative – A close relative disappeared or was kidnapped. You dedicated your life to finding them.

Nemesis – Someone out there hates you and wants to ruin your life (not simply kill you).

Noble – You are used to the finer things and own a title and lands people know you some even like you but also rub some the wrong way. You start with a free lvl 2 homestead and 2GC 25SS, also gain the assassin or Nemesis and Vow backgrounds with no CP Gain. You also start with 5 less character points and no stating equipment silver. If you take this background you cannot take another.

Obligation – You owe somebody something and must repay the favour.

On the Streets – You have no home. (Cannot start with a homestead).

Orphaned – Separated from your family. You won’t rest until you find out what happened.

Ousted – You used to be a member of an organisation, but your membership has now been revoked.

Past Possession – You have been possessed by a Fey or spirit or god/daemon to do a service.

Pressed Into Service – You are currently serving someone unwillingly and are waiting for a chance to escape.

Ridiculed – A person has made a career out of ridiculing you.

Rivalry – Someone else wants something you want. It may be a friend or an acquaintance, but you both want it really badly.

Traitor – You had a moment of weakness and betrayed someone. You’re trying to keep this hidden, but someone may blackmail you or find out.

Trance – You sometimes fall into epileptic fits whereby you see strange visions of Fey or other magical/religious entities. These can be unpleasant.

True Identity – You did something in the past you want to hide and took on a new identity. You must strive to keep that old identity hidden.

Uneducated – You never went to school, or were taught by anyone so are therefore illiterate and innumerate.

Vendetta – There is someone you hate so much you want to make them suffer, even if it hurts you on the way.

Vow – You have made a promise you won’t break, even if it costs your life.

Wanted – There is a price on your head.


Multiple Characters:
In the event that a player wants to play another character there are three rules:

  1. The new character cannot be from the same world unless the players original character dies or is retired.
  2. Players can only have 6 characters maximum in play at once.
  3. None of the characters will ever meet or trade or speak to one another as the player cannot be in two places at once.