The table below highlights the number of hits a character will have wearing different armour’s (armour locations needs to be at least 50% covered).


“Don’t fire till you can see the whites of their eyes!”
It is universally accepted that one of the most inaccurate firearm’s of all time is the flintlock. If you are unable to see the person clearly, you’re not going to hit them.
Be advised sometimes people may not see the shot, so accept it and move on or get your target’s attention before firing!





Subdue Hits
Sometimes the situation may arise where you do not want to cause serious harm or kill your opponent. With an improvised weapon or pretending to hit someone with a weapon that is not LARP safe such as the stock of a NERF blaster or the pommel of a sword you may call “subdue”. If struck with subdue hits, that take down your remaining hit points to zero, you are knocked out for 10 minutes unless roused.

War Machines
Man made weapons uses to break battle line and building alike. During a combat scene, battle calls from war machines ignore Shield Brother and can destroy master crafted items. Named and Legendary items remain unaffected. War machines include cannons, catapults, ballistae and autonomous battle constructs.