In the Lost Star Chronicles crafting is considered the creation of weapons, armour and other items such as tools. This does not include technological items such as those used in the world of Adeptus, or artefacts and magical items used elsewhere. Improving your level of crafting skill increases the amount of items you can craft or reduces the time it takes to craft or improves the quality of the item. There are 3 Levels to crafting. Apprentice, Journeyman and Master.

Players are able to create items with the appropriate skill such as Blacksmithing or Artisan. To do this the player must declare to the referee what he would like to do. Such as I would like to use this iron and leather to craft a mace to be wielded in one hand. Typically crafting will take place in the downtime of the player.
Players are able to sell their items as per the rules for trading or trade with other players where they may get a better deal.

To craft an item of higher quality the crafter must have the resources plus additional rare resources to craft the item the following is a simple guide to show the typical crafting requirements for a one handed weapon.

Once an item is crafted it can’t later be modified once it is complete and reworking the item may damage it
There are 4 levels of quality in the lost star chronicles these are as follows:

1. “Normal,” your everyday items you can pick up just about anywhere.

2. “Master Crafted” these are items that the craftsman has spent a significant amount of time on.

  • Master Crafted weapons and shields these are immune to “shatter”.
  • Master Crafted armour these are immune to “crush”.
  • Master Crafted tools these will reduce the time it takes to complete a task by 1 minute to a minimum of 30 seconds.

3. “Named” Items are as Master Crafted Items, however they can have a single enchantment permanently imbued on it. These can be used by anyone with the Aura skill or appropriate guild or order skill.

4. “Legendary” Items take a life time to craft and true artists will never claim the work is finished. These include items like William Tell’s Crossbow, Robin of Loxley’s Long Bow, Achilles’s Spear, Excalibur, The Sling of David, The Staff of Moses, The Hammer Mjolnir and The Spear Gungdir.

  • Legendary Items can have multiple enchantments on them permanently, however the wielder must have an equal or greater Aura Skill to the number of enchantments on the item to activate them. Or appropriate guild or order skill to activate them.
  • Only one active enchantment and one passive enchantment can be activated at any one time. If someone tries to activate 2 of the same enchantment active or passive then the item is immediately destroyed.