Homesteads and Equipment After Initial Character Creation

                                                  Currency and Equipment Lists

The currency for the main system after character generation can be broken down here below.

Smallest – 1 Copper Penny (CP)
Middle – 1 Silver Shilling (SS)
Largest – 1 Gold Crown (GC)

100 CP = 1 SS
50 SS = 1 GC

For character creation prices, please refer to The World Primer

Master work items can be purchased for 5x the base cost.
Enchanted Named and Legendary items are subject to availability and traders discretion.

                                                      Homestead Creation Kit

First and foremost, a basic homestead is a tool for player’s to get resources, however they can be so much more.

The basic homestead in game terms is a parcel of land with an autonomous hamlet as a workforce for whatever resource is produced (iron, wood, alchemical ingredients E.T.C).
Each homestead has a maximum of 6 resource upgrades (can produce 6 different basic resources). They have up to 2 industry upgrades such as a smelter to make iron into steel or a lumber mill to make wood into lumber etc.

Other than resources and industry, homesteads have other upgrades such as 2 professionals e.g. a blacksmith or alchemist. These use the homesteads resources to produce goods for sale or player use.

The last upgrades are to do with population and upgrading the settlement. These are also subject to conditions. There are 5 upgrades that can be purchased: Lord’s Manor, granary, Town Hall, barracks and city walls.


The Cost
At character generation you can purchase a homestead for 5 shillings. After character generation to purchase a homestead it will cost 5 gold to buy from the land trader in Terminus however it is a random pick as to where the homestead is. Alternatively you can ask a lord directly from the world of your choice however they can say no or have other stipulations like going on a quest, although they can also be given as quest rewards.

You also need to have 1 food resource per professional.


The Perks

There is monthly monetary perks for upgrading your Homestead at basic level you receive the resources it produces. Once you get a Lord’s Manor you can start taxing the population living there: