Liam Owens - Core Founder and The Chairman

Hello I’m the chairman and main creator of The Lost Star Chronicles. I’m an open, laid back guy who is happy to answer any queries regarding our system. I myself have been in the LARP-ing game, as it were, for about 10 years now and with some help, built this system with all of our favourite aspects of LARP. I initially got into LARP through roleplay friends and curiosity. I think I would have to say my favourite thing about LARP is the ability to be anybody I choose to be, the freedom to create and meeting new, like-minded people along the way. I help maintain the rules, plots and general management of the system. Here’s hoping you will all enjoy it too. Have fun!

Ross Hemming - Core Founder

When writing these things I never know what to say as I am a very direct person, no mincing of words for me. So my name is Ross and I am the former treasurer of this society. I am also the the guy who helped found the club, wrote the rules for the main game and general dog’s body when needed. I got into LARP the old fashioned way by going to university and going to an event. I have been LARPing since the dawn of time plus or minus a week, 17 years now whichever is closer. The one thing I really enjoy about LARP is the variation in characters you can create and making up new costumes, however this is not without the flaw of wanting to buy every piece of costume I see and make something new. I help maintain the rules, plots and general management of the system.

Jess Shaw - Secretary and Junior Ref

I got into LARP how I got into most things lately, Liam and Ross showed up at my house and didn’t really give me a choice. Same with the whole ‘Secretary’ thing. It just kind of… ‘happened’. Mildly against my will, but I am nothing if not too lazy to protest too much so here we are. Doesn’t that just sum me up entirely? I’m generally laid back, I like to think I have a fairly decent sense of humour and 9/10 if I don’t like something I’ll let it slide in favour of keeping the peace unless it is a serious matter, so by all means if you have a problem feel free to prod me about it and I’ll see what I can do. I write fiction in my spare time and love world building, two things that I really enjoy in LARP as well. If it makes for a good story, I am all for throwing it in or finding a way to make it happen.

Stuart "Wolfie" Weeks - Treasurer and Ref

The man with the moustache pointier than your rapier. Lovable, fluffable, big and friendly with a subtle mean streak a mile long. Beware the power of this referee, for he will build you up, only to be the one to tear you down; but he will make you enjoy it, and have you begging for more. Also beware the moustache, it enjoys petting, tea and occasionally cake.

James "Milo" Milne - Committee Officer

My position on the committee is General Dogsbody, but you can call me General Pepper. I’d imagine at this point there are a few Star Fox fans sighing and rolling their eyes. So now that suffering is done, I’ll continue. Basically what that means is, the committee has jobs that needs doing and task me with those jobs; but in reality, what happens is, I come up with my own jobs to do and kick the collective asses of the committee and make them do the work they’ve given themselves and what I’ve given them and keep them on schedule. Seriously though, the committee is hard working and put up with me. I help organise the AGM’s, contribute new system & concepts to the rule book and started venturing into writing adventures to the suffering… I mean entertainment of the players… Mana Leaches anyone?

This is actually the first LARP system that I’ve been involved in, but I find that everyone is very accepting of my weird and wonderful ideas. All I can think of to say now is, if you have some great ideas, have a word and I’ll see what I can do. If you have some bad ideas… Talk to Jess!