Live Roleplay can be a fun and engaging hobby, but is not without its risks. All players and staff are expected to behave appropriately and do their best to roleplay in a safe manner to keep the risks of Out-of-Character distress to the minimum. Attendees found to be in breach of these rules may be asked to leave session, and if so will not be refunded.

The Referees are always the final arbitrators of the rules but always welcome feedback, which we will either take on board or give an explanation as to why a rule might stand. However we ask that in game that you do not halt the game overmuch to debate rules with a ref. Asking for clarification or stating more explicitly an act you take in character and what effects that might have is acceptable, but debating with the ref in game can break immersion immensely.

The most important part of this is to Have Fun. If you’re not, then please provide us with feedback and we will look to address your concerns.

Lost Star Chronicles is a low hit, high fantasy/science fiction system, meaning you have a basic two hits per location. This can be broken down to Head, Torso, Leg, Leg, Arm and Arm. Pull all hits, head is a valid target but do not actively seek it, every Character has a base ‘bleed-out’ time which is 3 minutes after which the character dies.
A typical day event is structured in a way that benefits everyone. The people attending will be split into two groups, the first half of the day one group monsters and the other play then after lunch it switches. This way everyone gets to play and everyone gets to monster. This means that we can run the game without having to have people monstering for the whole day, unless they want to which will earn them some crew credits to spend on other events



  • You must pull all your attacks to impact with minimal force.
  • You must avoid striking the groin, neck or face. However accidental lands to these areas is sometimes unavoidable, but never intentionally go for these areas!
  • You should avoid striking the breasts or head if there is another available target.
  • All weapons (including dart guns) must be checked by a designated person from the ref team before use.
  • You must not attempt to fight or defend yourself with something that isn’t a LRP weapon physrep (dart gun or similar)
  • It is advised that all attendees have some kind of eye protection for combat situations.
  • You must not grapple or otherwise make bodily contact with other characters during combat.
  • You must avoid pushing opponents or other combatants into hazardous areas or backwards onto trip hazards.
  • You must avoid combat while drunk.
  • If you feel that you are unable to fight safely for any reason, you should avoid combat until you are.

Combat is the most likely source of LARP-related injuries, so it is important to know how to fight safely. If you are unfamiliar with LARP combat, please find an experienced player or one of the ref team to go over the basics with you and do a bit of sparring so you get used to the weight and pull of your weapons. Although these rules are intended to minimise risk, it is impossible to completely remove risk – by attending our events you are accepting the risks inherent in taking part in a physical contact hobby. Of particular note, all weapons must be checked at each event before they are used. Please bring your unchecked weapons to the ref team before bringing them into the IC area.

Body contact and any grappling between players in most combat situations is not allowed. The only exception to this is during small (one on one) engagements where both sides have clearly indicated that they are happy to make physical contact, where the area is safe, and a Referee is present and aware of the situation.

Weapons-specific Safety Points

  • All weapons must be safe to use and within the game guidelines for their category.
  • No thrusting with weapons that are not designed to be thrust safe.
  • No grabbing or trapping an opponent’s weapon.
  • No parrying projectiles or darts with a weapon.
  • You cannot strike another character with a shield.
  • Bows and crossbows require a specific safety check and you must demonstrate your ability to use them safely to a member of staff.
  • If you are using a flail or similar flexible weapon then you must drop it if it becomes entangled in an opponent’s gear.

Bows and Crossbows

Projectile weapons are generally the most dangerous things at a LARP field. A stray or rebounding arrow can hit someone with the shaft or nock and do real damage.

If you intend to use projectile weapons then you must ensure that you are able to use them safely. As well as the general guidelines on what kind of bows, crossbows and projectiles are allowed at events, you should also pay special care to how and when you use them. If you’ve never used one before, make sure you get instruction on using your projectile weapon from a more experienced person, and take some time to practice and get used to firing it. Make sure you know how to and are able to string your bow or crossbow correctly.

  • Don’t fire into tight melee where the projectile is likely to rebound into someone.
  • Ensure that your bow is safely and securely strung.
  • Make sure that your bow is warmed up before using it – cold bows fire at a higher effective poundage than warmed up ones. Before firing arrows, flex it a few times.
  • Check your projectiles when you recover them to ensure that they have not been damaged. Do not fire damaged projectiles.
    1. Ensure that the head, nock and flights remain securely attached, and that the shaft is not damaged.
    2. Check that the head is dry and free of debris or mud. Caked in debris eliminates the safety the sponge is meant to achieve.
  • Try to aim for the large areas of the body if possible. Do not aim for the head.
  • Do not attempt to fire indirect “arcing” shots – these are very likely to rebound dangerously, and you do not have control over where they land.
  • Do not shoot at targets that are too close, or that will be too close when they are hit.
  • Do not parry or strike anyone with your bow or crossbow.
  • With a bow, regulate the length of your draw depending on distance to the target. With a crossbow, you cannot regulate the strength of your shot and must not shoot at targets that are too close.

Safety Calls

  • Man Down – Under no circumstances is this to be used IC please use shouts such as (medic healer etc.) this is only used if you as a player are actually hurt.
  • Time in/out – Game has begun or has temporarily stopped.
  • Public – Public is coming so look non-threatening. Wait on one side of the path.

General Event Safety

  • Hydration: If you are going on missions, at least someone in your party should bring some water with them. This applies to crew as well. Throughout the event, you should drink water – alcohol is not a good substitute.
  • Footwear: Events take place in a wide variety of ground conditions. Attendees are encouraged to wear good, durable and supportive footwear. Generally LARP “Starts from the ankles up,” so if you have discreet, although modern footwear, but it is the safest you have then feel free to use them.
  • Exhaustion: LARP can be physically demanding, particularly in combat. Try to stay within your physical limits and take breaks so you don’t injure yourself.
  • Heat and Cold: Try to wear appropriate clothing for the time of year. Try to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of hypothermia and heatstroke, and keep an eye out for your friends and other attendees. Note that latex weapons are affected by the heat and cold. Check them to see they have not frozen stiffer, or melted so that its shape is warped.
  • Sunburn: You’d be surprised how easy it is to get sunburned even on a cloudy day. During events in hot weather, prepare accordingly.


LARP is a cooperative hobby, where all participants work together to create a shared experience. In order to make this actually work, participants must adhere to a reasonable code of conduct. The following rules create a framework for your IC and OOC behaviour at the event, so everyone knows what to expect when attending events. The conduct rules apply to everyone attending – staff, crew and players – everyone is responsible for making each event fun, accessible and safe for attendees.

The conduct rules are there to allow all participants to have a good event in an environment that they can feel safe in Out Of Character. They are not there to prevent legitimate player conflicts and interactions.


  • Real-world discrimination is unacceptable.
  • It is not acceptable to insult another character on the basis of an OOC attribute.
  • The setting is gender-blind. No culture or vassal race will be accepted that discriminates against certain genders.
  • Modern human religions have not survived in the setting, and no plot lines will refer to them in anything beyond passing detail.
  • References to non-consensual sex or sex with minors are not permitted.

The game setting does include in-character prejudice and bigotry – it is fine to insult another character on the basis of an in-character attribute, such as species, affiliation, role, rank or IC belief. Certain cultures are explicitly bigoted against, for example, The Nations of Adeptus may ridicule and deride each other’s political beliefs. Discrimination based on someone’s real-world attributes is not acceptable at our events, and any behaviour based on it is not permitted, either IC or OOC.

Although The Lost Star Chronicles is set in various worlds of both fantasy, futuristic and myth; and others referencing real human history, all in-game human cultures have undergone significant change and upheaval and equally low status of the slaves of Dusk, or strife of the harsh winters of Stormguard brought humans together to cooperate in a way that eliminated any residual discrimination.

Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual harassment is unacceptable.
  • This includes:
    • Physical, close or intimate contact with another person without their consent.
    • Sexual comments or similar when someone has indicated that they are not comfortable with it.
    • Repeatedly asking someone to socialise when they have indicated that they are not interested.

Sexual harassment can be a large impediment in people’s enjoyment of LARP and we do not tolerate it at our events. If someone does not give you clear consent to touch or make close contact with them, then you must not do so. If people are uncomfortable with your jokes or banter, then you must stop. Do not pester someone when they have clearly indicated that they do not want to interact with you.

Of note, we have included potions and spells and other abilities in the game that allow characters to influence each other’s behaviour. However, these abilities DO NOT allow players to compel other players to perform inappropriate acts or force people into uncomfortable situations. If someone uses an ability on you in a manner that makes you OOC uncomfortable, then tell them so – and if they persist, then contact a Referee or member of the Game Team.

Challenging and Reporting

  • Please challenge any unacceptable conduct if you feel safe to do so.
  • If you are challenged, you must apologise and back off.
  • If you are experiencing problems, please report them to a member of the game team who you feel comfortable talking to.

We ask all participants to support our efforts to prevent discrimination or harassment by making clear that that behaviour will not be tolerated. If you see examples of behaviour that is inappropriate because it appears to violate our code of conduct, then we encourage you to challenge the people involved on the spot if you feel confident enough to do so. It is not helpful to get into a direct confrontation with another participant but a simple forceful statement such as “OOC – please stop bothering X” should be sufficient.

If your behaviour is challenged by another participant in this way then you must apologize for any offence caused and back off immediately regardless of any other considerations. If you feel your actions have been misconstrued, then you should state that case to our referee if the matter is reported.

It is also important to appreciate that The Lost Star Chronicles is a game with the potential for player conflict. It is not appropriate to use this mechanism to respond to legitimate in-character conflicts between characters that do not contain any elements of sexual harassment or similar.