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A world of worship where science reigns supreme, not the gods. A war torn world in the grips of a cold war, utterly devoid of magic, its residents scrambling for advancement, for an edge, for anything to bring an end to the conflict between countries.

A hundred year war of conflicting scientific thought, methodology, and values has finally drawn to an end as the fires of war cooled. Five years ago, the Alliance of Ithia and the Mercernova Pact fell into a chilly cold war, bringing an end to active conflict, and the beginning of a desperate arms-race where each side has begun to develop what it hopes will be a way to win the war.

The Alliance of Ithia have placed their hopes in the sky, the country of Anglia spear-heading their exploration into flight, aviation, and meteorology. Pouring increasing amounts of finances into the field, developing airships, examining gases, engines, developing new fuel, lighter metals, stronger fabrics. The greatest minds of Et’rion, Asara, Ishini, and Estias all gathering within the famous shipyards of Anglia’s south coast to work on Ithia’s greatest hope. The standard of living is ambivalent for those within the Alliance of Ithia, creature comforts are common for those with money, education is held in high-esteem, but expensive to acquire, thus available only for those of good standing. A child from a poor family may learn a particular field as an apprentice if he or she is lucky enough to earn the favour of someone more educated. But more often than not, those on the lower rungs of society will work as general labour. The teachings of Alexander Edison are held in the highest regard within the Alliance of Ithia, indeed, it was the very reason they went to war with the Mercernova Pact, breaking one of Edison’s most highly prised beliefs – that nonviolence was the path to the highest ethics, and thus the goal of evolution.

The Mercernova Pact looked to overwhelming industry as their answer for the war. Arm more soldiers, arm them better, train them better, fortify themselves against attack, waste nothing, and dig in for the long haul. Collaborating with all the countries within the pact, a great wall was raised along their borders to protect them from Alliance attack, a stone and steel titan armed with fire, and manned at all times by soldiers trained in the latest weaponry produced within the foundries of the pact. Heavy industry has paved the way for the Pact in these years, mechanical marvels, heavy war machines, clockwork automations, guns that seemingly never need to be reloaded, and the very beginning stages of communication across spaces without the need for wires, paper, or people. The standard of living within the Pact does not vary overly much, everyone is afforded the same utilities, education, and living quality as everyone else. Only those who truly excel, those who are invaluable for their scientific expertise and skill, are afforded a greater standard of living. Education is mandatory for all children, regardless of background. Should their be a lack of individuals within a certain field, a class of students will be dedicated to filling the void, though exceptions can be made should it be discovered that a student may have a particular skill in a different field, specialised education will be arranged in short order for that individual if they prove deserving of it. The teachings of Natalia Tesla are held in the highest esteem within the Mercernova Pact, indeed, it was the very reason they went to war with the Alliance of Ithia.

Character Creation Equipment, Prices and Skill List:

No Cost

Walking Stick.
Writing equipment.
Adventuring packs, eating equipment etc.

5 Silver
Hunting Bow.
Light Armour.
Homestead – Give you access to a resource of your choice can be upgraded during downtime as per the Homestead Creation Kit.
Surgeons kit/Engineers Tools/Armourers Equipment – Needed to use a skill.
Flintlock Pistol.
Hand Weapon Blunt/ Sharp.

10 Silver
Pistol/Full size Crossbow.
War Spear/Pike.

15 Silver
Two Handed Weapon (great sword, maul, battle axe, halberd).
Medium Armour.
Flintlock Rifle.
Repeating pistol.
Clockwork Crossbow.

This is the world with the highest level of technology, however it is up to the players how far this progresses. Using down time a player can create new and exciting technology (subject to the refs approval which will also include
how long it will take and how many resources you will need) such as utilizing the destructive forces of nature for power or inventing a repeating rifle or even creating (or at least trying to) the first advanced human using post human alchemy.

The Nations of Adeptus:

The Alliance of Ithia 

Made up of 5 countries and follow the scientific teachings of Theodor Edison.

These are:
Anglia – British Empire
Et’rion – France
Asara – Spain
Ishani – Italy
Estias – Switzerland

The alliance has taken to looking at the skies for an edge and as such have thrown money at the possibility of flight and air ships.

The Mercernova Pact 

Made up of 3 countries and follows the scientific teachings of Natalia Tesla.
These are:
Ursera – Eastern Block and Russia
Gothicca – Germany and Hungary
Neruda – China, Korea, Mongolia and Japan

The Pact has taken the industrial approach and have started construction on massive foundries and factories to produce arms and machines of war at an alarming rate. They have also constructed a massive wall of steel, stone and fire that is manned at all times on the borders with the alliance.

The Colonial Confederation

Made up of small nation states across the new world, formally under the control of the pact and alliance during a time of uneasy peace. This ended as the 50 year war began and the colonies were left to their own devices and all but forgotten. The main colonies are:

New Anglia – the first alliance Colony.
Ursera Minor – the first pact Colony.
The Great Exchange – the largest port in the new world, a free city founded by both sides.
Tec ‘Olottl – the largest native city.
Fort Penitence – once a prison for the criminals of the new world. After a riot and exchange of power it has become a bustling town of thousands of the worst the colonies have to offer.

Skill Restrictions/Requirements

This world has no access to magic therefore Spell Craft and Aura cannot be taken.

Tech Craft and Engineer can be treated as basic skills, so cost 5 character Points instead of 10 and have a choice of either Duellist or a Tech Use as a free skill.
To Take Tech Craft or Engineer, characters need to be part of the college of inventors and design or take 1 of the following background flaws:
– Contentious Theory
– Invention/magic use without college authorisation
– Ousted
The flaw that is chosen does not give extra character points. Characters can still pick up to 2 other background flaws as per the rules.

To take the Duellist Skill characters need to be a member of the Guild of Duellists or take one of the following background flaws:
– Defeated
– Infamous Teacher
– Traitor
The flaw that is chosen does not give extra character points. Characters can still pick up to 2 other background flaws as per the rules.

To Take the Ambush skill characters need to be part of the Guild of Assassins and take the following background flaws:
– True Identity
– Wanted
– Orphaned
These flaws do not give extra character points. Characters can still pick up to 2 other background flaws as per the rules.

Guilds and Colleges
Guild of Duellists: A gentlemen’s society dedicated to teach the art of duelling and providing duellists for honour disputes if necessary
Guild of Assassins: A shadowy underworld organisation catering to the whims of anyone that can pay.
Guild of Inventors and Design: A society of educated individuals focused the creating the weaponry and mechanisms to win the next war.
Guild of Merchants: An organisation tasked with setting up and maintaining trade house and routes across the land.
Guild Of Mercenaries: A militaristic organisation that deal with all of the matters that the actual military won’t deal with.
Guild of Explorers: A gentlemen’s society of scholars and explorers wanting to map the unknown, discover ancient artefacts and civilisations. “Seeking knowledge of the past to steer the future”.
The Military (Army, Navy): The different sectors within this bracket are:
Guild of Scouts,
Standing Army (skirmishers, musket-men, swords-men).

All of the guilds and colleges have rules and regulations that are mandatory for membership. If it is discovered that these are broken, there are penalties up to and including being ousted from the group.
Some of the guilds offer advancement, ranks and pay, whilst others offer focused training and secret knowledge.

Guild of Duellists:
This gentlemen’s society was formed to provide a service to the upper classes, which due to many disagreements commonly ended up in someone’s death. The guild provides a means to which these disagreements can be settled without unnecessary bloodshed. Though a duel to the death is sometimes called for. However the two parties in question would have to fight the duel themselves as the guild will not provide duellists to be killed. In these cases a Master of the guild would be there to adjudicate to ensure the duel is conducted in the proper fashion and the rules are adhered to. There is advancement within the Guild for those skilled enough.

The ranks are as follows:
1. Novice: New to the guild and unproven in the art of duelling. Can only take on duels based on number of ‘touches’ with a blunt foil, mostly minor disagreements that do not need much to settle them. In these duels the combatants can use their foils not only for touches but also can de-clothe on another for added humiliation (players can exchange a hit on a location for something flashy e.g. cutting the belt from the opponents trousers so they fall down or cutting your initial in their shirt. Come up with your own tricks ROLEPLAY IT.

2. Journeyman: Has proven their ability and prowess within the circle and will now be called upon to take on honour duels to the pain (the duellist who submits loses). These duels are mostly about humiliation. (using the blunt edge of your sword and calling subdue).

3. Master: Has mastered the art of duelling, therefore will be called upon to duel to the blood (normally first blood from the torso, you can take one less strike to your torso than you have hits for instance if you have 3 hits and you take 2 strikes you lose). There will also be times where they will be called upon to adjudicate duels to the death and pistol duels.

4. Grand Master: This is the final achievement. At this level the member will be called upon to duel with pistols though never to the death (however this is sometimes accidental). Also they will have the opportunity to oversee the guild once the current Grand Master steps down.


Duellists are paid a monthly stipend of 10 silver with room, board and a travel allowance of 10 silver per month if having to travel for a duel. Also they are paid for each duel they win to which the payment is thus:
1. Novice 5 silver per win
2. Journeyman 15 silver per win
3. Master 30silver per win
4. Grand Master 1 Gold per win

Guild of Assassins:
Being a member of this guild, the character has given up their former life meaning no-one can know they are a member, other than other members. If anyone ever finds out or is made aware steps will be taken to ensure the guilds security.

Ranks are as follows:
1. Foot Pad: Small time contracts 10 silver per completion.

2. Shadow Scale: Larger contracts e.g. minor politicians/nobles 30 SP per completion.

3. Bloody Hand: The highest contracts e.g. political leaders/faction leader 2 GP per completion.

All characters start at Foot Pad and need 10 completions to reach the next rank and a further 20 to reach the highest rank of Bloody Hand.
Once a character has reached the rank of Bloody hand, there is a choice of either becoming a guild master, so give up the contracts and run guild house of your own, or continue taking contracts but you cannot do both.

Guild of Merchants:
A hierarchy of a sort, the ranks are measured by how successful you are in your chosen trade. There is a membership tithe of 10% of your profits, however this grants you access to guild guards, permits of trade, banking and guild halls. Also, any accommodation and food is provided for your caravan. 

Ranks are as follows:
1. Cart Walker (<10 GP/PA).

2. Street Trader (<50 GP/PA).

3. Caravan Vendor (<100 GP/PA).

4. Guild House Master (>100 GP/PA).

All merchant characters are required to send downtime descriptions to the ref team of what has been made and how much they have sold, then they will be given a gold yield based on skills and quantity. If the amounts of produce are not sensible to the trade when audited by the ref team, they will be sent back to the character for amendments and not given payment for. For example, a weapon smith can make between 5 and 10 good swords a week, which would be worth from 35 – 70 SP, however if they declare they have made 50-100 good swords a week, it will be sent back to the character for re-checking.

Always remember characters have to buy the raw materials and resources needed or the trade goods to sell. If you are selling goods not made by yourself you will need to find a seller. If it is a player you can role-play barter for goods, however, if there isn’t one talk to the refs. Options will be provided but the prices will be a little worse than average, therefore it is always better to deal with in game player characters.

  Merchant Career Paths
At the beginning of each session, a Merchant can spend (MP) Merchant Points. The amount available is dependent on the merchant’s level.
Lv.1 = 5MP
Lv.2 = 10MP
Lv.3 = 15MP
GM = 25MP
Any MP not spent can’t be carried over to the next session, unspent MP is simply lost. Additionally, if an item/ability purchased with MP isn’t used by the end of the session, it will also be lost, however, items can be passed/sold onto other characters and for the purpose of the merchant rules, the item is considered used (the item or duplicate can’t be passed back in the same session).

Merchants can also engage in trade deals with other characters (players or NPC). Agree with a Crafter in game to form a partnership. From then on, the Merchant and Crafter are considered partners. Trade can only occur during down time. The partnership must agree on how many of what item and calculate materials used, including how much to pay the crafter. (Only one product type can be selected between each project). If dealing with a Blacksmith, creating items takes time. Regular = 3 per event, Master Crafted = 1 per event, Named = 1 per month, Legendary = 1 per quarter. Named & Legendary items are to be considered custom jobs and only to be commissioned by the merchant once a request has been made and payment to be made up front once a price has been agreed between all 3 parties. Once agreed, the chat log and math is to be sent to the down time email, by the merchant, including the crafter in the cc field.

Once the items made in this arrangement is sold, 20% of the money made, goes to the merchants guild.
Additionally, a merchant can’t start with a Homestead, instead they can later acquire one from an NPC at Small Town for 52 Gold or Large Town for 74 Gold.
A real estate list will be provided with the pre-plotted land options and location. A list will be made available, separate from the rule book.

The College of Inventors and Design:
This is made up of visionaries and skilled craftsmen including some of the greatest minds the world has ever seen working to better understand the forces of nature and harness the power for great weapons of war. There is no advancement or masters, only great minds. As such, every member receives a research grant for ideas that are deemed workable and useful. These grants can be anywhere from 10 silver to 1000 Gold depending on what the collective guild committee decides as prospective areas of work. The committee is made up of noted inventors and engineers, all of which have ideas and inventions being implemented. Once a member has an idea or invention put into production they are invited to join the committee. Committee members get a stipend of 1 Gold a month and 20% whatever their idea of invention generates.

Guild of Mercenaries:
The character is a soldier for hire, however there is still a hierarchy and ranks within the guild. 

These are as follows:
1. Initiate: The character is green, new to the guild and as such they are a little more expendable than the higher ranks so the character will be given the ‘easy’ orders. They receive 10 silver a Month plus room and board at the guild house and rations for long jobs.

2. Proven: The character has carried out their orders to the letter with no complaints and no serious problems on 10 missions. They receive 25 additional silver (35 SP incl Initiate pay) a Month and are awarded a weapon, shield, or piece of armour from the guild armoury.

3. Asset: The character is an asset of the guild and are sent on the more difficult missions and get given speciality orders (side missions from the main given). They receive an additional 10 SP a Month plus extra rewards for completing the additional orders given. They also receive an item in recognition of their rank. This can be either a master crafted weapon or shield (un-shatterable). To attain this rank the character would have to prove themselves on more than 20 missions and taken some initiative on some of the missions when needed.

4. Guild Master: The character has become so instrumental in the running of their guild that they have been offered their own guild to run as they see fit. They receive their own guild with which they can hire members and receive 20% of the guild contracts value. To attain this position the character would need to have taken on over 50 main missions also numerous side orders. Additionally, they would have needed to gain contracts for the guild off their own backs. As a master, the character can go on missions or delegate them to a subordinate.

Guild of Explorers:
There are no ranks or advancement in this guild, however members who take on quests, find artefacts and map new destinations will gain fame and adorations from their peers and betters. This can be in any form from funding quests and exploration to dinner with royalty. With fame comes money but
also responsibility and members may be called upon to venture to dark and dangerous places. Everything will be needing a report (which will be done during down time and sent to the ref team) which is how everything is financed.

The Military (Army, Navy):
The base rank of all characters in any faction of the military is enlisted. Other ranks are achieved by length of service and commendations, training and skills also factor in to the decision. The basic pay is 15 silver a month with room and board. Enlisted characters have access to a requisition system whereby they can request weapons for a mission that have to be returned once the mission is over.

Ranks are as follows:
1. Enlisted, as above

2. Private gains 5 extra silver per month

3. Corporal gains 15 silver extra a month and has charge of a squad (5 men incl themselves)

4. Sergeant gains 35 silver extra a month and has charge of Unit (2 squads)

5. Lieutenant gains 2 Gold extra a month and has charge of a line (3 units)

6. Captain gains 3 Gold extra a month and has charge of a battalion (5 Line).