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The land of nightmares made manifest. Life is torture, torture is life. They come from a dark land where the shadows are long and deep, filled with evil. The humans that live in this land know true fear, a slave race to their strange immortal masters who have a great, unquenchable thirst for power and control, living in the belief that they are superior to all others. A world underground where the strongest can be found in the deepest depths where the molten hot rock would sear flesh from bone in seconds, their Households protected by the Master’s magic, and the poorer, lesser houses found the further up one travels through the dark creature infested caves, left to shiver in the cold wet tunnels.

A patriarchal society where alliances and partnerships are quickly made, and just as quickly broken, households constantly changing hands as Masters kill and are killed, all of their possessions and holdings claimed by their murderer. “You Keep what you Kill”, their lands, their slaves, their women, even their very souls and magic. The Mistresses are content to be left out of the chaos, focusing instead on their magics and crafts, as long as their new husband keeps them to the fashion to which they feel they deserve, they will allow him to keep his head. Many a Master has suffered an ‘unlucky’ slip, or trip, or failed spell in battle after displeasing one or more of his women.
Living underground forces the slaves to work in caverns rife with fungi and mould, farming them for food, drugs, and poison. The predominant fabrics are obtained through spider silk, moth cocoons, and bat leather. The armour from the chitinous shells of monstrous insects that prowl the tunnels, or the scales of lizards and demons that prey on the unwary slaves at the fringes of their Master’s land. Fish and meat are obtained via the oyster farms and pools. Pearls are often found, though given their relative low value, they are only collected by slaves and used as a crude currency between them.


Character Creation Equipment, Prices and Skill List:

No Cost
Walking Stick.
Writing equipment.
Adventuring packs, eating equipment etc.

5 Silver
Long Bow.
Light Armour.
Homestead – Give you access to a resource of your choice can be upgraded during downtime as per the Homestead Creation Kit.
Surgeons kit/Engineers Tools/Armourers Equipment. – Needed to use a skill.
Hand Weapon.

10 Silver
War Spear.
Medium Shield.
Medium Armour.
15 Silver
Two Handed Weapon.
Great Shield.
Heavy Armour.


Skill Requirements and Restrictions
Characters from this world cannot take Tech Craft and Tech Use, the world is based around the use of magic and alchemy so technology is not needed. However, characters can take Spell Craft and Alchemist as basic skill picks (5 point instead of 10). Characters also get 1 rank in either Regeneration or Aura for free and take the other ranks as if starting at rank.