This world was once a beautiful Eden of lush pastures, expansive forests and well built, bustling cities filled with magical wonders and technology (Roman Levels of tech). Each country was ruled by powerful sorcerers and their families. As the years went by the leaders became more corrupt and greedy and used magic for every little thing. This took its toll on the world; crops started to die, the forest started to wither, the rivers and oceans started to dry up. The leaders began to panic and used more magic to keep their cities alive. This escalated and lead to a massive cataclysm which destroyed the world, turning it into a barren desert except for the cities of the most powerful of the sorcerers. They used all of their power to maintain the status of their cities. The world is dead, killed by (according to legend) magic therefore every moment is a fight, every step is a challenge. What the people lack in resources they make up for in toughness and sheer willingness to survive. Every day is a fight for survival and the question of where the next meal comes from is one that always has to answer. The land itself is a barren Desert where nothing can grow. The land is ruled by powerful sorcerers who keep thousands of slaves. Life is cheap in dusk.

The items carried by the people of dusk will be those made from bone, stone and other materials that are available freely. Those with metal items will be the village leader, nobles but the majority of people from Dusk are Slaves. Metal is rare and mainly used by the sorcerer kings and for small items such as belt buckles.

The sorcerer kings are an ancient and evolved race of bipedal lizard people who are immortal. The lizard people are known as the pterions and are the dominant race. The pterions have cross bred with the humans to further evolve the race creating a trust worthy military source that is somewhat. However in some cases the cross breeds have more human emotions than expected.

The humans and other races on this world are most likely slaves and they are happy being. Although are not happy being slaves and these ones are free. The slave people in this world are actually free to leave their masters in most circumstances. They just need to feed themselves, cloth themselves and find water which is rarer than diamonds in Dusk. The pterions control the water and most of the food.

The free people in dusk do what they can to survive, this will include raiding, scavenging, and stealing and will most likely resort to cannibalism. After all nothing should be wasted. Natural causes for death in dusk include old age of normally about 40 if you are really lucky, knife through the heart so you can be eaten is also considered natural. Dusk is not a nice place to live or visit. If you end up here leave as soon as you can.

Common professions in dusk include slave auctioneer, gladiator, enforcer, raiders and scavengers. The enforcers tend to be the crossbreed pterion people who the sorcerer kings trust to enforce their rule. Everyone else tends to be the other professions unless they have betrayed their kin.


Character Creation Equipment, Prices and Skill List:

No Cost
Knife (bone or stone)
Haversacks, eating equipment etc.
Boar Spear
Hunting Bow
Light leather. Hand Weapon (made of bone or stone etc.)
1 Homestead (water only)

Any weapon on the list above cannot have any damage calls through Weapon Training.

15 Silver
Homestead – Give you access to a resource of your choice can be upgraded during downtime as per the Homestead Creation Kit.
Bronze Hand Weapon (sword, mace, and hammer).
Medium Armour.
Medium Shield.

Skill Requirements and Restrictions

All characters from dusk get Keen Senses and start with 3 hits per location. Also, they get toughness as normal, so can take it three times and can also take Ambush, Tracking and Set Trap as if they were basic.

This world has reverted back to the Stone Age for the majority of the population and as such the skills listed beneath are unable to be taken at any time:
– Tech Craft
– Tech Use
– Duellist

Also players from dusk cannot use technology e.g. guns and crossbows even if taught how to use it, it will break and possibly backfire. Characters from dusk must discover this IC however, from attempting to use it.

The skills listed below are subject to restrictions as there is a massive difference between the rulers and the general populace:
Characters from Dusk have to take the illiterate background flaw unless they are of the royal family.
Spell Craft is only available to those of the royal family unless you take one of the following background flaws:
– Exiled
– Hunted
– True Identity

The chosen flaws do not give Character Points. Characters can still pick up to 2 other background Flaws as per the rules. There are no guilds and societies in dusk; only the leaders and the slaves.