This world is entirely devoted to the Norse gods. Mostly a snowy, cold place with little in the way of seasonal change however, the people have adapted and been able to herd and farm for food with some help from the gods that they worship. In this world the gods are very real, revered and feared in equal measure. The lands are broken up into city states which war with each other resulting in the victor claiming the lands and the people in them. There are also great heroes that are directly chosen by the gods to lead the warriors of the land against their enemies. These heroes have great powers bestowed upon them in the form of weapons, armour and even the ability to channel the powers of the gods themselves.


Character Creation Equipment, Prices and Skill List:

No Cost
Walking Stick
Writing equipment
Adventuring packs, eating equipment etc.

5 Silver
Light Armour
Long Bow
Homestead – Give you access to a resource of your choice can be upgraded during downtime as per the Homestead Creation Kit
Surgeons kit/Engineers Tools/Armourers Equipment. – Needed to use a skill
Hand Weapon

10 Silver
War Spear
Medium Shield
Medium Armour

15 Silver
Two Handed Weapon
Great Shield
Heavy Armour
Master crafted hand weapon (cannot be shattered)

Skill Requirements and Restrictions
This world is still in the age of iron and steel so Tech Use and Tech Craft are not available as selectable skills however, characters can treat the Weapon Training and Shield Brother skills as basic picks (5 points each as opposed to 10). Characters from this world also receive 1 rank of either Toughness or Aura for free. This is to signify their connection to the gods.

Guilds and Societies
In this world there aren’t any guilds to speak of, however the magic users of Stormguard are all part of the Rune Speakers Circle. They are called upon to tell the stories of the gods and keep the legends alive and detailed. There is no monetary reward for being a member as it is both an honour and expected from the individuals that are blessed with the powers of the gods.


Rune Smith

Runesmithing is native to Stormguard and characters from this realm may start with runesmithing. Characters from other realms may learn this skill later on from an appropriate teacher, but may not start with it.

A Rune Smith can Rune an Article [Permanent Runeing] (Weapon, Item or Building) or Location [Temporary Runeing] (Ground).
There are 3 kinds of Rune; Rune, Key Rune & God Rune.

The Runeing works almost like a sentence that has to make sense in order to work. For example, if you were just to use a Fire Rune on a sword, the entire weapon would be on fire rendering it unusable, so this won’t work. In order to make it work, you would need to combine a Key Rune with a Rune. So you would use the Attack Rune followed by the Fire Rune, which means that when in use, the attacking end (the blade) would be on fire. This would also be an example of Article (Permanent) Runeing.
The number of Runes that can be used is dependent on the level of Rune Smith. Also Runeing an Article will cost 4 mana points per Rune.
Runed Articles are very resilient to anti-magic effects, meaning that they will continue to work despite being in an area affected by anti-magic. The only way to dispel a Runed Article is to smash/break the Runes.

Up to Master Crafted loose runes when shattered, Named & Legendary keep Runes, however, this would require repair work to be done by a Rune Smith (or the Runes can’t be recovered). This can be done by Smithing or the Repair spell.

A Rune Smith can also perform a Location (Temporary) Runeing. This is when a Rune Smith Runes the Ground, which affects an area of 10ft around them.
For example, they could Rune the ground with the Barrier Rune with a Silver Rune to the right and a Blood Rune to the left, which would create a barrier with a Silver mineral effect while allowing those attuned to the Blood Rune to pass unaffected, 10ft around the Rune Smith and anyone with in 10ft of him.

As well, as the number of Runes used being limited to the level of Rune Smith, this type of Runeing is only active for 30secs x level in Aura. Also Runeing in this way will cost 2 mana points per Rune.

An Article or Location can’t be Runed, if it is already magical (enchanted) or already has already been Runed, except in the case where a God chooses to place their own Rune.
Runes don’t give off aura like anything else that is magical, instead the indents of the Runes themselves give off an intense glow which can only be described as concentrated aura (God Runes are the same but very gold).

After becoming a Rune Smith, you can choose the 8 Runes & 2 Key Runes from the level 1 list. However, once you reach Rune Smith 2 and higher, you can only learn Runes from Rune Masters, up to the maximum number of Runes that you can learn at your current level. Rune Masters will usually have a task or trial for you to complete, before they will give you permission to use the Rune that they are the Keeper of.

If you attempt to use a Rune that you haven’t been given permission to use, it will not work.
Once at Rune Smith 4, Rune Smiths can use God Runes. Like other Runes, these Runes will only work if the relevant god has given their permission to the Rune Smith.

Although Runes are very powerful and resilient, they do require charging. Anyone with Aura can do this, although this would be expensive on their Mana pool.
For every Rune on an article, the recharge will cost 1 Mana [1Mana=Rune]. This will keep the article charged for as many Sessions (games and days) as there are Runes [Runes=Sessions], however if the recharge is performed by a Rune Smith, Rune Master or Rune Speaker the charge will last 50% longer [Runes*1.5=Sessions].
If an article has a God Rune, then the Runes don’t require charging as the Article is blessed by a god.

Note: The gods don’t tend to take note when an article is runed with their God Rune, but they will always take note when their God Rune is activated and by whom.

Runeing the living/dead (skin or bone) can be done, however it is considered to be the ultimate taboo. If found out, the people of Stormguard would have you executed, the gods would see to the suffering and torment of the Rune Smith (possibly denying access to the afterlife) and their name will become infamous amongst other Rune Smiths & Rune Masters and will refuse to teach you.

Additionally, if the god(‘s) associated with you God Rune (’s) find out, you will no longer be allowed to use them.