The world of the Celtic Arthurian myth made manifest. King Arthur is the real king of the Britons but his reach extends far and wide across the world. With the lady behind him, Excalibur and the Grail in his possession; the gift of the fey has kept him young and strong.

He and his knights have lived many years and have knightly orders of their own who are tasked with gathering other relics of power.
A new religion following a singular god has arisen however, and this religion denounces the heathens blessed by magic and the creatures that call themselves the fey, of which the religion claims to be minions of the evil one known as Lucifer. The followers of the new religion seek to destroy Arthur’s power and influence over the peoples of the world, attempting to spread the ‘true’ faith and enlightenment to save the souls of the masses from Lucifer’s clutches.

Character Creation Equipment, Prices and Skill List:

No Cost
Walking Stick
Writing equipment
Adventuring packs, eating equipment etc.

5 Silver
Light Armour
Long Bow
Homestead – Give you access to a resource of your choice can be upgraded during downtime as per the Homestead Creation Kit
Surgeons kit/Engineers Tools/Armourers Equipment. – Needed to use a skill
Hand Weapon

10 Silver
War Spear
Medium Shield
Medium armour

15 Silver
Two Handed Weapon
Great Shield
Heavy Armour

Skill Requirements and Restrictions
This world is primarily in the dark ages so Tech Craft and Tech Use are not viable skill choices however characters can get Weapon skill and Shield brother as basic picks (5 points instead of 10). Also characters get 1 rank in Toughness or the Die Hard skill for free.

Guilds and Societies
There are very few guilds and Societies, however there are the orders that follow individual Knights of the Round Table. There is also the Order of Merlin and the Guild of Merchants
Being a member of one of the Knightly Orders, characters get a stipend of 2 gold a month, food and board and the title of Squire. Advancement is a lengthy process and at the discretion of the Orders head. If a characters deeds and quests are deemed worthy, they will be given the title of Knight, granted a weapon and shield from the armoury of the leader and bearing his livery and coat of arms. Knights receive an increase of 6 gold a month and will be tasked with grand quests given to them personally by their chosen Knight.
There is also the Order of Merlin which magic users can join if they so choose. Becoming a member, the character will be personally taught by the legendary wizard himself and if deemed worthy, be given secret knowledge and access to powers beyond compare.

Guild of Merchants:
Has a hierarchy of a sort, the ranks are measured by how successful you are in your chosen trade. There is a membership tithe of 10% of your profits, however this grants you access to guild guards, permits of trade, banking and guild halls. Also, any accommodation and food is provided for your caravan. Ranks are as follows:
1. Cart Walker (<15 GP/PA)
2. Street Trader (<50 GP/PA)
3. Caravan Vendor (<100 GP/PA)
4. Guild House Master (>100 GP/PA)

All merchant characters are required to send downtime descriptions to the ref team of what has been made and how much they have sold, then they will be given a gold yield based on skills and quantity. If the amounts of produce are not sensible to the trade when audited by the ref team, they will be sent back to the character for amendments and not given payment for. For example, a weapon smith can make between 5 and 10 good swords a week, which would be worth From 100 – 300 SP, however if they declare they have made 50-100 good swords a week, it will be sent back to the character for re-checking.

Always remember characters have to buy the raw materials and resources needed or the trade goods to sell. If you are selling goods not made by yourself you will need to find a seller. If it is a player you can role-play barter for goods, however, if there isn’t one talk to the refs. Options will be provided but the prices will be a little worse than average, therefore it is always better to deal with in game player characters.


                                                                                                                                                   Knights’ Paths
The knights of Tesseria have a code which the player must follow. By following the order’s own code the knight may choose one of the specialisations described here. However if the knight breaks his code the knight will have right his wrong doing through a quest which may cost him his life. He will not get his powers back until he has redeemed himself.
Throughout the world of Tesseria there are 3 types of knights that most characters will follow. Players are of course welcome to create their own however these must be agreed with a referee and they will be appended to the rules.

The Wardens:
Wardens are arcane in nature able to tap into minor arcane magics that can enhance the battle abilities of their allies or themselves. Wardens are responsible for the supervision and protection of a small town or place in the name of the King Arthur, the Lady or some other higher power. To become a warden the character must be trained by another warden and the place must accept his protection if offered. Once trained the character does not need to be trained again and can buy the skills from the warden table by paying the CP cost and the gold cost.


The Champions:
Champions are the few selected leaders or heroes of the people anointed by a lord, king or the people. Champions are considered folk heroes in small towns. Champions would have completed some heroic task to protect or save a town or some other location and as a result have become the face of that location. Champions can also be selected by the ladies of the land granting their token to them in tournaments. Champions are able to inspire themselves and those around him to great deeds or heroism through speaking simple words and hand gestures.


The Paladins:
Paladins are the select few which are chosen specifically by King Arthur, Merlin or the Lady of the Lake. They are the pure of heart and in most circumstances incorruptible they will not waiver. Paladins beam with radiance and celestial light they are the light in the darkness and what the universe provides when it cries for peace. They know no fear and will seek and destroy evil where ever it may be to return it back to its original purity. Paladins are the rarest form of knight archetypes and they are able to command respect all over Tesseria. People will go to the Paladin and are willing to wait for hours just to be blessed by one who has drank from the Grail.